Main Street Manifesto

The Main Street Manifesto

The Ugly Problem

Government mandates shut down mom & pop businesses for months. Tens of thousands never re-opened. Those not bankrupted by shutdowns are now in a desperate fight for survival. Their future is bleak.

Meanwhile, Wall Street’s favorite Big Box Stores were declared “essential.” They were allowed to remain open, siphoning ever more money - and control - out of our communities.

Just like that, Wall Street greed, government mandates and media fear-mongers stripped the last vestiges of self-government from our local communities.

And it’s only getting worse.

The Coming Catastrophe

Every time we shop at a big box store instead of a locally-owned business, money, power and influence flows out of our home communities and into the hands of distant technocrats, bankers and politicians.

People who neither share our values nor care about the welfare of our communities now decide what we can buy , where we can shop , what we must pay and even what words we’re allowed to speak.

What began as a trickle, became a stream, and now that stream is a flood. They squeeze our wallets, command our compliance, and crush our local economies. Their appetites are never satisfied. Their demands never end.

They want us to just be good slaves. Sit down, shut up, do what you’re told.

They would crush our hopes and destroy our communities if it meant a few more pennies of quarterly profit.

They despise what we value. They value what we despise.


A Simple Solution

We must stop this power grab now, before all our wealth and all our power is gone, concentrated in the hands of people who hate us.

We can strip these would-be dictators of their power over us.

We can restore the health and vitality of our communities.

We can re-assert control over our own lives.

The solution is as simple as it is powerful:

Stop giving them our money.

Here’s how:

  • Boycott the Big Boxes, including Amazon
  • Seek out and support locally-owned businesses
  • Pay Cash
  • Tip Big

Bet on main street; starve Wall Street.

Working together, we can bring our money, our influence and our power home where it belongs.
This is the Main Street Manifesto.

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