Receipts from people who #BetOnMainStreet starting from Feb. 14, 2021

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Total Receipts


Total Business

$ 16, 487.28

Tippable Business

$ 3, 893.51

Restaurants & tippable services


$ 1, 541.22

Why #BetOnMainStreet?

Power of small purchases

Small purchases can sum up to huge shifts in an economy.

The United States has one-third of a billion people, which means...

Each person changing 3 dollars of purchases is a billion-dollar impact

Each person changing $250 a month in purchases is a trillion-per-year impact

Your purchases matter!

Power of Small Purchases

How to #BetOnMainStreet

Bet On Main Street

Patronize a locally owned and operated business

Pay Cash and Tip Big

Write #BetOnMainStreet on the receipt and add it to the list

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